People of the State of California v. PeopleConnect Inc. dba Classmates.

 Superior Court of the State of California In and For The County of San Diego [Central Branch] |  Case No. 37-2020-00043918-CU-BT-CTL

Notice of Settlement

A legal settlement has been reached in a Consumer Protection lawsuit against PeopleConnect Inc. dba Classmates about automatically-renewing subscriptions of paid Classmates memberships. The County of San Diego has authorized this notice.

The Settlement requires PeopleConnect Inc. dba Classmates to comply with California’s Automatic Renewal Law, California Business and Professions Code Section 17600 et seq. The Settlement also provides restitution to eligible customers.

Are you included in the Settlement Class?

You are included in the Settlement Class if you were a California customer who enrolled through in a paid subscription from May 4, 2013 to March 1, 2021. You must have been charged for at least one automatically-renewed cycle without your knowledge or consent and must have (1) cancelled your membership after it was first renewed but before a second renewal; or (2) complained to Classmates, a law enforcement agency such as the Attorney General or a District Attorney, or to the Better Business Bureau either directly or through a third party on or before January 10, 2022, that your membership was automatically renewed without your knowledge or consent. Further, you must not have previously obtained a full refund of all automatic renewal charges.

What can you get from the Settlement?

Each eligible customer may receive up to the amount of the unauthorized automatic renewal charges minus any previous refunds. Customers who have already received a full refund are not eligible for restitution.

If you want to be included in the Settlement, you must submit a claim by January 10, 2022. To do so, Click Here.


SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM BY JANUARY 10, 2022 To participate in the settlement, you must submit a Claim Form. To submit a Claim Form, please click here.
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